For best results, use 12″-14″ diameter round bottom carbon steel or light weight Chinese cast iron woks.

Star shape burners show 25-30% improved BTU output vs 40-50% for conventional round burners.

Sorry we are out of small WokMons. If you are using a small gas stove or all electric, you can purchase the Iwatani 35FW portable butane stove with removable grate and use this with a Medium WokMon. This stove is available at Amazon. Please make sure you purchase the correct model.

WokMon Set


The WokMon set consists of the following:

  • a WokMon focus ring (Small, Medium or Large – Please check your burner’s diameter and choose your WokMon’s size carefully when ordering)
  • a universal WokMon wok stand
  • set of 4 detachable legs with high temperature-resistant magnetic feet (these will let you position your wok’s bottom at the optimum distance from your burner)
  • set of 4 detachable stubby legs (these can be used instead of the regular legs if your WokMon is used with your stove’s grate)
  • instruction booklet

We ship worldwide. Shipping is free within the US to all states except HI & AK.

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