Both Large & Small WokMons are currently sold out. Our new production run is currently delayed because of strict Covid restrictions in China. As soon as these restrictions are lifted, we will be producing more units in both these sizes. Overall, we think we will be able to start filling new orders for Large and Small WokMons in two to three months. If you like, you can make your payment now and place a back-order that we will fill as soon as possible or you can fill out our contact form and we will inform you when the size you need is available again.

BTW Medium size is still available.

For best results, use 12″-14″ diameter round bottom carbon steel or light weight Chinese cast iron woks.

Star shaped burners show 25-30% improved BTU output vs 40-50% for conventional round burners.

Return Policy:
We accept returns if you return your WokMon in brand new unused condition in its original packing. All returns are subject to a $25 restocking fee. Please contact [email protected] for return authorization before shipping your unit back to us.

Sorry we are out of small WokMons. If you are using a small gas stove or all electric, you can purchase the Iwatani 35FW portable butane stove with removable grate and use this with a Medium WokMon. This stove is available at Amazon. Please make sure you purchase the correct model.

WokMon Set


The WokMon set consists of the following:

  • a WokMon focus ring (Small, Medium or Large – Please check your burner’s diameter and choose your WokMon’s size carefully when ordering)
  • a universal WokMon wok stand
  • set of 4 detachable legs with high temperature-resistant magnetic feet (these will let you position your wok’s bottom at the optimum distance from your burner)
  • set of 4 detachable stubby legs (these can be used instead of the regular legs if your WokMon is used with your stove’s grate)
  • instruction booklet

We ship worldwide. Shipping is free within the US to all states except HI & AK.

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Due to Covid, shipping to certain countries is temporarily restricted by the US Postal Service. Please check the following list to make sure your country is not included before placing your order (If your country is on this list, you can still place your order now and we will ship your WokMon to you as soon as these restrictions are lifted):

Because we have many fans in Australia, we will continue to ship there via DHL for the time being. The shipping charges had to be increased to cover DHL’s charges. When the US Postal Service resumes shipping to Australia we will revert to our old rates for this country. Thank you for your understanding.

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